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MP79 EU Approved 50mm Towball Gold

D Value : 17Kn
S value : 200Kg
E Approved to Reg 55
Approval number E11 55R-019501
All standard 90mm fixing centres
Box quantity 10
Pallet quantity 500
UN/ECE Regulation 55 has been introduced to replace EC94/20 towbar regulation. Regulation 55 is fundamentally similar to EC94/20, but with additional test and administration requirements. All of our towballs and ball & pin hitches are approved to Reg 55.

Fitting Instructions for MP79 EU Approved 50mm Towball Gold

2 x M16 mounting bolt fixing holes
Use only BS3692 grade 8.8 H.T. bolts with lock washers
Torque to 240 Nm, check torque again after first use and regularly thereafter
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