Car Transporter Trailer Hire

Our range of car transporter trailer hire options are suitable for vehicles up to 16’ long and 6’ wide.

With hydraulic tilt bed, electric winch, hitch lock and tie down straps, these are suitable for uplifting vehicles of up to 2035kg (dependant on trailer type, please check specification when ordering).

A4 Car Transporter Trailer

A4 Transporter Trailer

The Transporter represents the ultimate evolution in trailer design. With a strong, durable galvanised chassis, low bed height and a range topping 2600kg gross capacity. Transporter trailers are perfectly suited for vehicle recovery, professional transport and motorsport alike. The design is set up to provide an extremely low centre of gravity for safe and stable towing, and many unique features including easy glide out ramps saving time and frustration.

We are offering this Trailer with or without a manual winch.

T6 Car transporter Trailer

T6 Car transporter Trailer

The new T Transporter range is a reinvention of our highly successful TT series design which was originally established from the very first Brian James back in 1979. Keeping to tradition the new T Transporter range is fit for all modern vehicle transportation requirements. Built with commercial as well as private transport in mind, every aspect of the operation is simple and efficient. Also taking advantage of the T Transporters reinforced chassis the trailer can be configured for cross-loading behind a transporter vehicle with every aspect of the cross-load operation provided for, including a pair of lightweight aluminium loading ramps from the front of the trailer to the transporter bed and a swivel jockey wheel system.

C2 Car Transporter Trailer

C2 Car Transporter Trailer

A strong and reliable chassis is fully galvanised. “Soft-Ride” suspension ensures a stable and comfortable towing experience and protects the towing vehicle from shocks in the road.

High-grip punched steel ramps store conveniently in the centre of the trailer, and their 1.9m lengths allow most vehicles to be easily loaded and unloaded.

A centre deck is fitted as standard and prevents road grime getting into the vehicle chassis whilst towing. A spare wheel is fitted as standard, and the rear lighting is protected to help prevent accidental damage.

Car Transporter Trailers

Car transporter trailers including A4, T6 & C2 Car transporter trailer models.

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