Cargo Trailers for Sale

Digger Plant2 Trailer

Digger Plant

The innovative  Digger Plant range provides a modern, advanced and compliant transport solution for many tracked excavators and plant machines such as chippers and shredders. With obvious appeal to larger organisations the ideas pioneered in Digger Plant also translate to medium and small size fleets interested in efficiency and safety. Being a part of the Brian James Trailers portfolio, Digger Plant embodies low and flexible design for optimal distribution of weight and stable towing performance.

CarGO Connect cargo Trailer

Connect Trailers


Connect is the most adaptable commercial goods and vehicle transport trailer. To provide complete flexibility a whole host of new and unique solutions allow re-configuration on demand. Every available option can be added or removed at anytime, from brand new, or whenever required in the future.

CarGo Connect Compact  Trailer


We can also supply and fit Accessories for your brand new trailer

Cargo Trailers for Sale

Cargo trailers for sale including CarGO Shifter, CarGo Connect, CarGo Connect Compact, CarGO All Plant, CarGo All Plant Tilt Bed, CarGO & CarGO Digger Plant2Tipper 2

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