6810 Leisure Trailer

6810 Leisure Trailer

300KG 110cm x 90cm x 38cm
Small inexpensive box trailer made by Maypole Trailers.

£354.17 + VAT

6810 Leisure Trailer
  • Meets & exceeds the new type approval legislation (supplied with a Certificate of
  • Conformity & VIN plate).
  • Great value, basic trailer.
  • Camping, leisure and light commercial trailer.
  • 110 x 90 x 38cm External box size
  • 105 x 85 x 32cm Internal box size
  • 1726 x 1200 x 824mm Full size
  • Load capacity 245kg.
  • Load space area 0.89m2
  • Load space volume 0.29m3
  • Unladen weight 55kg
  • Supplied already assembled.
  • Maintenance free rubber suspension.
  • Robust, corrosion-resistant galvanised steel construction.
  • Recessed lights.
  • Tips and has a drop down tail gate.
  • Extensive range of accessories and spares. In order to receive the correct spare part, you will need to identify the trailer model number (MP or SY). This is marked on an identification plate on the axle.
  • Full Manufacturer’s Warranty and technical support.
  • Suggested jockey wheel MP225

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