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MP7423 4A 6/12V Electronic Smart Charger

Fully automatic dual voltage smart charger recommended for a wide range of vehicles up to 2.5L (2500cc)
Suitable for use with 6V & 12V lead-acid and 12V AGM batteries of 1.2Ah to 120Ah
Input : 230V AC 50Hz 0.6A
Outputs: 6V: 4A DC 12V:4A DC
Automatic detection of battery voltage & condition
Automatic charging current selection
4 charging modes : 12V Standard, AGM & Winter; 6V Standard
5 stage charging cycle automatically detects the battery voltage and condition before re-conditioning, charging and maintaining the battery
Memory function automatically re-starts charging if interrupted
LCD display indicators showing: reverse polarity, faulty connection, faulty battery, battery level, 12V winter charge
Interchangeable 1.5m battery clip & ring terminal connector leads included
Overload, reverse-polarity and short circuit protection
Manufactured to European electrical safety standards
Suitable for low maintenance and maintenance-free batteries
Easy and safe to use
Compact and robust design
High frequency charger – does not have a transformer
Not recommended for use with GEL batteries
Box quantity – 12
Suitable for: motorbikes, cars, vans, caravans and motorhomes


1. Do I connect both the round clips to the battery posts or does the “negative” clip have to connect to somewhere on the chassis?
When using the ring terminal connecting lead, the negative lead can be directly connected to the battery post.
When fitting this lead to the battery, it should be disconnected from the battery charger and the protective cap should be fitted to the in-line terminals. When connecting to this lead to the charger, the charger should not be connected to the mains. This is to avoid causing sparks near to the battery when making the connection.

2. How long does it take to recharge a flat battery?
Please note: MP7423 needs a 12V battery to be at a minimum of 7.5V before it will attempt to charge.

An indication of the time required to recharge a flat battery can be calculated by the following formula:

*Battery capacity in Ah x 1.25 / Charger rated output*

The time required by any device to fully charge a battery can be effected by environmental conditions and battery condition. Maintenance charging Will sustain a fully charged battery in optimum condition whilst minimising the risk of long-term damage to the battery due to either under-charging or over-charging.

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