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Trailers in Kent

Domestic and Commercial Trailer Hire - from 4 hours to 4 years!

TRailer Hire

Saxons Trailers offer a full range of trailers for domestic and commercial use to suit your needs. Trailers are available to hire for any time from 4 hours to 4 years.

Our offices are open from 8.30 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday and from 8.30 am to 10 am on Saturday. We are closed on Sunday.

Our range of trailers are listed below. They are manufactured by Brian James Trailers

Goods Trailer for hire

Goods trailer

Ideal for transporting garden waste, building materials, unwanted items and recyclable goods, our goods trailers are ideal for your practical needs.

Flatbed Trailers

With removable sides and loading ramps, these are extremely versatile trailers that can be used for transporting a wide variety of items including pallets, plant and machinery. Maximum weight of loads will vary between sizes, so we advise all customers to ensure they consider size and weight when hiring trailers.

Car Transporter Trailers

We offer a range of Car Transporter trailers suitable for vehicles up to 16’ long and 6’ wide.

With hydraulic tilt bed, electric winch, hitch lock and tie down straps, these are suitable for uplifting vehicles of up to 2035kg (dependant on trailer type, please check specification when ordering).


Camping Trailer

Camping Trailers

Choose from a range of cheap inexpensive leisure trailers

Box Trailers

Choose from a range of cheap inexpensive leisure trailers

Hire Process

Upon receipt of a booking request we aim to reply within 3 working hours to confirm whether the requested trailer type is available, and suggest any other trailers that may be suitable where it is not available.

If you wish to proceed with the hire, you will be required to pay the full hire fee by credit or debit card using the World Pay Secure link, to confirm the booking.

To hire a trailer please either CALL US on 01959 583993